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String knit - Reversible pattern - Black PVC dots on both sides
Available sizes S - L
Machine knit orange or gray - Reversible pattern - Soft PVC Criss-Cross Coating on both sides - (AKA Fishing glove)
Available sizes XS - XL
String knit - Blue or green latex coated palm and fingertips
Available sizes S - XL
Machine knit 13 Gauge - Polyester Shell - Flat Nitrile Palm Coating
Available sizes XS - XL
Machine knit standard 10 Gauge - Poly/Cotton Shell - Latex Palm Coating
Available sizes S - XL
Machine knit premium - Loop-in Terry Shell - Latex Palm Coating - Insulated
Available sizes S - XL
Dishwashing gloves - 18 Mil - Latex - Flocked Lined
Available sizes S & L
Nitrile fully coated and dipped - Jersey Lined - Safety Cuff
Available size L
Black PVC fully coated - Smooth Finish - Interlock Lined - Knit wrist
Available size L
Black PVC fully coated - Interlock Lined - 12" or 18" Length
Available size L
Orange PVC fully coated - Single Dipped - Foam Insulated - Knit wrist or 12" length
Available size L

Additional items may be available. Please inquire.